Frequently Asked Questions

Career coaching

How do you typically approach career coaching sessions?
What specific areas of career development do you specialize in?

I specialize in various aspects of career development, including career exploration, identifying and leveraging strengths, resume writing and optimization, interview preparation, job search strategies, networking skills, and professional branding.

How do you assess a client's strengths, skills, and interests to help them find the right career path?

I use a combination of assessments, in-depth discussions, and exercises to help clients identify their strengths, skills, and interests. These may include personality assessments, skills inventories, and reflective exercises to gain a comprehensive understanding of their unique attributes and align them with suitable career options.

Can you provide examples of success stories or testimonials from clients you have worked with?

 Absolutely! I have worked with clients who successfully transitioned into new industries, secured promotions, and found fulfilling careers aligned with their passions. I can provide you with testimonials and success stories from previous clients upon request.

How do you stay updated on current job market trends and industry insights?

I stay updated on job market trends and industry insights through continuous research, attending professional development workshops, networking with industry professionals, and staying connected with professional organizations in various fields. This allows me to provide relevant and up-to-date guidance to my clients.

How do you assist clients in identifying their career goals and creating an action plan to achieve them?

I guide clients through a structured process of self-reflection, exploration, and goal-setting. We identify their long-term career aspirations and break them down into actionable short-term goals. Together, we create a detailed action plan that outlines the steps needed to achieve those goals

Financial coaching

What Is Financial Coaching?

Financial Coaching Is a Collaborative, Educational Relationship That Empowers You to Achieve Financial Freedom. Financial coaching bridges that gap by providing a powerful, professional partnership designed to produce action.

Why would I want a financial coach?

The short answer is to improve your financial intelligence and increase your financial success.

How much does financial coaching cost?

Many people are concerned that they can’t afford coaching; however, what my clients have learned is financial coaching can put more money in your pocket than it takes out making it revenue producing. 

Will I get-rich-quick?

 Financial coaching provides a planned, methodical, scientific approach to wealth building based on proven principles that work.

It is not some “get-rich-quick” marketing scam: I support people serious about achieving financial freedom and willing to do the work necessary.

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